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What is the Windhaven Veterans Program?

The Windhaven Veterans Program is an equine-assisted counseling program provided at no cost to active duty and veteran military personnel, by Lifeline Connections. The objective of this program is to help participants heal from the debilitating impacts of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Evidence shows fewer than 1 in 10 veterans complete the recommended treatment for PTSD when exposure to past trauma(s) is a requirement. When exposure is too distressing, higher dropout rates occur. Those that experience PTSD can become overwhelmed, preventing them from accessing care.

The Windhaven Veterans Program offers an alternative option. These services do not require participants to revisit their trauma(s) and are effective, safe, well-tolerated, and reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Those that have participated experience a decrease in not just the symptoms of PTSD but also a decrease in anxiety, feelings of detachment, physical pain, irritability, fatigue, and an increase in energy.

Participants identify that this form of treatment energizes them. Feedback we often receive includes statements such as:

With high dropout rates in traditional therapy models, it’s time to invest in services that show effective results with increased satisfaction rates. Lifeline Connections is honored to serve those that have served us. We are dedicated to keeping these services accessible with no out of pocket cost for active duty or veteran military personnel. Lifeline Connections can offer this service to our community through the support of fundraising events such as the Windhaven Ride for Veterans.

This is the 2nd annual Windhaven Ride or Veterans hosted by the American Legion, Tum Tum Post 168. Last year this event raised $10,385 for scholarships to support 11 people access services. In Clark County we have roughly 32,800 veterans living in our community. 12.9% of those veterans most likely experience PTSD or other trauma-related symptoms. That is 4,264 people that could be supported by services such as these. Help us make a larger impact to serve more, by supporting the Windhaven Ride for Veterans.

For individuals interested in learning more about the Windhaven Veterans Program, please email or call us at 360-605-6096.