Sponsor Operations

There is more than one way to sponsor – of course, money is always welcome, but we also accept and need in-kind donations such as Labor, Materials, Supplies, and Goods. If you would like to donate in-kind or offer something other than a straight cash sponsorship or mixed contribution – please use the Contact page and send us your information. A Windhaven Volunteer will be in touch with you directly.

All of us thank you in advance for your kind Sponsorship and look forward to working with you.

Notice: Sponsor-related funds are earmarked to defray operational costs associated with the physical production of this event. All funds raised from sponsors will be used specifically for event functions.
  • Any funds remaining after all expenses are met will be rolled into the Event Fund schedule and go to the Veterans Programs.
  • Please memo “Sponsor” on your check made out to “The American Legion Post 168” and mailed to PO Box 431, Amboy WA 98601.
  • Any amount for sponsorship is appreciated (there is no minimum requirement).
Please select a sponsor amount below:

Sponsor Amount: $


Sponsor and add your business, organization, or club to this growing list!

Presenting Champion ($3000)

Soul of a Mustang ($2000)

Saddle Club ($1000)

Reins & Spurs ($500)

*Tim Sharick, Northern CA*

*David Ward, Amboy, WA*

Touring & Exploring ($250)

*Dr. Raymond Pigeon & Family*

For more information contact: John E. Nanney (AKA: Hooter), WRFV_Info@AmboyTumTumPost168.org
PO BOX 431, Amboy WA 98601