100% of all money received from registration/donations will go to Windhaven Veterans Program and the American Legion.

Nothing is getting scalped off the top. Even Paypal costs that are charged for your transaction will be paid for out of a completely separate fund!

Some of you may ask, “How ya’all putting 100% towards veterans? Come on the event isn’t free!”

We are glad you asked!

We can do this because of the fantastic support and contributions of our Event Sponsors. They provide funds and in-kind donations to our Sponsor fund which is paying the costs. Through their patriotic actions, they are ensuring that every dime the American Legion receives through your generous registration donation goes to support our local veterans and their families.

How cool is that?

Did you know that most of the money that goes to the Windhaven Veterans Program will be earmarked for a Veterans Program Scholarship fund? Last year we sponsored 10 Veterans to this year’s program!

Think about it – Donate or sponsor The American Legions Windhaven Ride for Veterans Fundraiser event or support some other charity and watch your money dissolve to pennies on the dollar!

Are you on board? Time to make a difference!

But wait! (I always wanted to say that sales pitch!) If you are feeling the red blood of patriotism run warm, consider a $5, $10, $50, or any amount you wish as a Sponsor! After you are done registering… and donating, of course, consider visiting our Sponsor tab and join a growing list of great people, organizations, and businesses, dedicated to helping us make this event happen.

What? You can’t make the event? No worries – consider simply donating or being a sponsor, it all helps and is appreciated!

Please make your event selections below:

*** The first 500 registrants get a free Ride Patch with the WRFV logo! ***

All Vehicles Must be Street Legal and Registered to Participate in the Event!

Register one cool machine (Hotrod, Classic, Motorcycle, Trike etc.) for a donation of $30 which includes 1 Ride Patch and access to the VFWs Territorial Park Event!

Consider registering all your Passengers for a small, suggested donation of $10 each and get a cool Ride Patch for each!

Please consider any additional donation - $5, $10, $20, or more, knowing that every penny donated on this page goes to The American Legion Veteran Program. 100%! That is our promise!
Additional Donation Amount: $
Donations can still be made by clicking here to visit the Sponsor page.

*** Remember that 100% of the money donated through registration, passenger entry, and additional donations goes to veterans – nothing is skimmed. We appreciate your support so very much! YOU ROCK! ***

Notice, if you would like to donate or register by check:
  • Please memo “Donation” or “Registration” on your check made out to “The American Legion Post 168” and mailed to PO Box 431, Amboy WA 98601.
  • Any amount of donations is appreciated (there is no minimum requirement).